Monday, December 20, 2010

Apple launches tool for iAd development

In April I blogged how iAd could be big. One observation I had was that tools are not there..not yet...This is what I wrote

The tool for creating ad looks like a limitation today but is something we can expect Apple to fix quickly. XCode is a great IDE and it won't be a stretch to add new capability to create iPhone/iPad advertisements. I think here Apple has advantage and it is just matter of time.

Well it changed today. Apple just launched tool to create iAds. This will make it lot easier for iAd content to grow. And judging by the stampeded in Apple store, it won't be long before we see lot of publishers and design houses jump in...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


MeshCentral is an experimental service from Intel Software and Services Group. The service concept is brain child of brilliant researcher Ylian Saint-Hilaire. I joined Yllian early this year as the business guy to bring MESHCentral technologies to market. In nutshell MeshCentral is a very simple concept of allowing easier/scalable (P2P) way to connect edge nodes (PC, embedded CE, routers etc..) to Cloud Services that allow secure discovery with ability to send authorized events and deliver secure control messages.

Above is the current architecture. Currently we have experimental service launched that anybody can sign up and start creating there own private meshed nodes. We support Sleep & Wake-on LAN, Computer Monitoring, Computer Management, Managing from Browser, Smartphone's including JS based remote shells and video. On Cloud services side we have done OpenID and oAuth integration allowing Google/Yahoo SSO and Twitter updates for nodes..

There is great podcast that Ylian recently did with IT Conversations. It lays out some of our vision and plans for the future. Check it out at -

Stay tuned .. more information on MESH at