Monday, June 16, 2008

Apple Sells Benefits others sell features

Yes Apple has done it again and as usual I am a big fan of Steve (who isn't :-)...

3G iPhones are going to be here soon and the evolution of platform continues. The difference between Apple and Google is so visible...

Apple sells benefits, while everyone else sells features. Since average consumers are only interested in benefits: calling someone, texting someone, photo galleries, video playback, maps, web browsing, email, etc. The technical features that enable these benefits are uninteresting or just plain confusing. How much RAM does the phone have? How many mega pixels is the screen? How fast is the data transfer rate when it's plugged into a USB port? Answers to these questions do not sell phones to average consumers. And the biggest share of wallet will go to the products that get the biggest share of mind.

But I won't count Google. Google plays to change behaviour. Sometimes the threat is enough to force handsets to open up and google to get entry with their "intention capturing and monetizing business"..

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